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We provide facilitation services for Human Capital and Hackathon events. Our facilitation will ensure your events to run smoothly and efficiently.

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AITI Hackathon for Teens of 2019

The event was created by our client, AITI, in collaboration with STEP Centre Brunei to increase the level of IT interest and skills among the youths.

Grominda secured Business and Tech Mentors for AITI Hackathon for Teens 2019 and handled the facilitation (including providing volunteers) of the event to ensure its success.

Success Story

Team BruClean (Winner of AITI Hackathon for Teens 2019) was also the winner of BICTA 2019 and acknowledged Merit in APICTA 2019

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Collaboration with Glints

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Following the success of Brunei Hacks 2018, Glints and Grominda have struck a partnership to promote tech talents from Brunei.
Glints is an online talent recruitment platform headquartered in Singapore. The partnership with Glints stemmed from the similarities
between both Glints and Grominda pursuing a platform for youths to be career-ready.

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