Brunei's tech talent beyond borders

Study shows local talent potential for remote working. 

Done by Admin, 15th April 2021


According to “The Southeast Asia Tech Talent Compensation report 2021” by Glints, Southeast Asia has been experiencing a boom in the start-up ecosystem especially in the tech industry, resulting in founders and hiring managers grabbing new tech talents. Technical related jobs such as engineers, data scientist and product managers and marketing officers have become highly sought after and generously rewarded job around the region.   


Due to the impact of COVID-19, many of these companies (big or small) resort to distributing their talent sourcing across borders – digitally. Due to the evolution of technological capabilities, companies are shifting their tech talents to work remotely. This creates an upper hand for these companies as they can take advantage of the diverse skill sets and compensation benchmarks across the region.    


“Technical based jobs are borderless with opportunities” - Anonymous   


Due to the remote nature of these jobs. Brunei could use this as an opportunity to aid in the unemployment issue looming over the country for the past decade. Brunei’s unemployment rate is among the highest in SEA with a percentage of 8.37% according to a report from the ASEAN Post. This would be a moment for Bruneian talent to expand their career outside of the country yet contribute and invigorate the local economy. 


However, internal barriers may hinder the potential. 


In our independent study of 300 participants in 2020, we compiled and categorised job requirements to technical skills – programming language, framework and cloud computing, made questions to filter application knowledge and work proficiency and conducted in-depth preliminary interviews.     


We found the country’s local talent lacked the portfolio or substantial project to qualify for entry-level jobs due to a lack of familiarity and understanding of increasingly on-demand coding and programming frameworks.   


Luckily, Brunei is tackling the issue head-on. Since our research, there have been several platforms that enable reskill and upskill local tech talents. These include the following: -   

   Coding BN

  • Coding. bn - a 6-month programme lead by AITI Brunei that focuses to train unemployed youths with industry demanded skillsets of programming and coding.   

(Kids can code []. (April 2021). Posts. Retrieved on April 12 2021, from

  • Brunei kids can code – Initiated by Dynamik Technologies, it is an educational programme that introduces school students on how to code in a fun and rewarding way.   

(Wong (2021) students and teachers from Teens in AI Brunei phase two posing for a group picture at Baiduri's Community Space. Biz Brunei, Retrieved April 12 2021, from

  • TeensinAi Brunei – Provides a platform to shape the skills and knowledge of teens as part of Brunei’s 4.0 Inspiration that supports utilising digital and leadership skills in Brunei’s youth to envision a sustainable and collaborative startup ecosystem.  

And many more!   

With these avenues lending a helping hand and remote working to remain a new common practice among businesses overseas. Even by post-pandemic, it will only take a matter of time for local Bruneian’s to be able to utilise and outsource their talent.  

  April 15, 2021