The New Normal

Let's face it: we are not going back to how it was before the global pandemic of COVID-19. Different industries all over the world has been impacted in one way or another. Most of the public is cautious of going outside within the next 3 to 6 months.


One trend that is happening for sure is the rapid rise of online services. Online shopping has increased including grocery shopping, teachers are using online classrooms to resume classes and online streaming sites have seen the highest number of viewers more than previous years. How will consumer behaviours continue to change for businesses? According to a Morning Consult study in April 2020, less than 50% in the U.S. is comfortable of going back to shopping malls, cinemas or even travel abroad within the next 2 months. In Singapore, 69% of first-time online grocery shoppers will continue their purchasing online for the next 12 months.


As companies are slowly re-opening their doors, current consumer behaviour patterns must be taken into account.

  March 26, 2021