Brunei's consumer research provider

After years of aiding Brunei’s field experts and industry players, we found a pattern of common key challenges:

1. Lack of Data Reference - Data and facts are crucial to any business foundation, to better understand areas of improvement and sourcing key opportunities.

2. Misinterpreted Consumer FeedbackAbility to define feedbacks lets businesses create strategies to increase customer retention rate.

3. Difficulties in Gathering insights - Businesses require insights to shape their strategies and identifying the right channels to use for reaching out to their consumers.

4. Difficulties in structuring set questions - To get quality and unbiased answers, businesses need to know how to structure the right questions.


Why Grominda?

We provide businesses an opportunity to analyse Brunei’s consumer behaviour, learn about the local market and solve (or get closer to solve) solutions. It enables you to look into opportunities, risk and insight for your business directly from your consumers.



Customer Retention

Work to improve customer relationships, offering insights that are based on hard data and independent perspective.


Consumer Acquisition

Provide a deeper understanding of the customer, offering qualitative and quantitative research to drive the innovation process.


Customised Insight

Have your research data tailor made to fit your business with access to our own personalised research.

Be a part of the innovation by having your voice, opinions and
experiences be compensated from companies that value you.
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