Our Story

We began in 2016, as a human capital development company. Where we helped people prepare for the local job market through employability workshops, training and talent management.

As a start-up, we were given opportunities to wear different hats to experiment beyond our scope. While we began to provide data on the current job market to further understand the direction of various industries and help job seekers to keep up with the demand. We also have been pursuing market research with industry experts to provide data-driven insights.

This is to analyse and interpret the data from consumers to help businesses understand their market and contribute to crucial decision making. Throughout the years as we gain more knowledge and experience, we found ourselves wanting to explore further into this realm. As of today, we are working to bridge the gap between consumer insight and companies' products and services to help make data-driven decision with our team.


Our Timeline


Our Values

As a consumer research company, we are passionate to help organisations and consumers build and acquire relationships through an interactive and incremental process. Therefore, our values are reflected by our work to be of:-

Quality We strive for our data to have a human touch.

Collaboration We work together for the betterment of mutual growth.

Innovation We value our work to contribute the innovative efforts to improve businesses and explore.

Transparency Internally and externally, we ensure there is understanding of effective communication through honesty and openness.

Creativity We aim to stimulate the novelty of ideas.

Our Framework

An iterative, agile and collaborative process

Define Identify and define research purpose/objective.

Design Designing methods of research based on the clients vision and strategy with identified and targeted sample.

Collect Initiating and deploying methods of collecting data through preferred channels qualitative and quantitative.

Analyse Utilising data visualisation for better interpretation and analysis through reporting.